Zage is a main character of Psychteria and one of the youths who winds up living with Cali Nightstone. Unlike the others, Zage is the most attune to what happened in Cali's past and has the greatest sense of loyalty to her.

Appearance Edit

Zage is shown as an anthropomorphized lizard. Unlike Krubby, Zage's feet are large enough to make wearing shoes difficult if not impossible. He also has a lizard like snout and large hands with four fingers each. Zage has dark-colored, brown skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair. Clothing wise Zage sports white pants and a long-sleeves, purple shirt. Of those in Cali's Group, Zage is depicted as the tallest.

Personality Edit

Zage is shown to be the most emotional of the group. Whereas Krubby is optimistic and Sen and Cali are grumpy, Zage has a wider range of emotion and is the most frequent to change how he feels. However, like Krubby, Zage is shown to be kind and willing to help people he perceives it. Zage is also squeamish with combat. However, in contrast to Krubby, Zage has a larger tendency for bravery.

Despite his kindness, Zage possesses a darker side. When angry or upset, Zage can be vengeful and/or mopey, often being shown with his arms crossed is an off-putting gesture. Zage is also fiercely loyal, which can be bad for anyone who is an enemy to those he is loyal to.

Abilities Edit

Lightning Edit

Zage is shown to possess an inherent ability to produce and shoot lightning at people. At current, however, it is not a reliable skill, as until meeting Cali Zage was not aware he possessed the skill.

Super Speed Edit

Using electricity, Zage is able to charge his speed up immensely. However, it is a move that clearly drains him, as the one time it is used Zage loses all energy to fight.

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Backstory Edit

Zage's backstory is somewhat vague due to his refusal to reveal much about it. What is known, however, is that Zage was kept prisoner for some years where he experienced immense horrors. Through mysterious circumstances, Zage managed to escape and find his way to Eventide forest where Cali eventually found and saved him.

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  • Of the main four of Psychteria, Zage is the oldest.

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