Thistle is a main character of The Hunter of Fenaur. After meeting Iris on the street, Iris tasks Thistle with helping him to find Dezar Valentine.

Appearance Edit

Thistle is portrayed as a medium tall man with light skin. He has purple eyes and black hair, the latter which is usually worn in two stub ponytails in the front. Thistle also has two distinct facial marks on his cheeks, specifically a circle over an upside down triangle. Outfit wise, Thistle is usually seen in a variety of yukata styled outfits, usually very loose in their habits.

Personality Edit

Thistle is portrayed as a very conflicted individual. Often, as Iris points out, Thistle's expressions do not agree with his words, especially when it comes to opinions on his lifestyle. In turn, this showcases Thistle's traits of pride, as he is reluctant to accept any help from Iris despite his own misgivings about his job. Thistle is also shown to be the type to accept bad elements if things he want go along with it. Despite all this, when not discussing his life, Thistle is shown to be a joyful person who can enjoy the simple things.

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Thistle is shown to be a capable and sensual dancer, able to attract a sizeable crowd in the brothel he works.

Comic Depictions Edit

Backstory Edit

Before meeting Iris, Thistle mentions that he was an orphan. However, he states he does not know of any relation to Dezar despite knowing the name. Sometime also before meeting Iris, Thistle joined the Rose Village Brothel in order to dance.

The Hunter of Fenaur Edit

Thistle is first seen entering an alley, where he is saved from a client by Iris. Despite bickering over several matters, he agrees to go on a date with Iris give Iris' kindness towards him. During the date, Thistle is overwhelmed by the expensive restaurant Iris takes them too, as well as Iris' immense kindness towards him. However, when Iris starts insulting his lifestyle, he takes off. The next time Thistle is seen dancing in the Rose Village Brothel where he is interrupted by Iris showing up. To his consternation, he leaves with Iris who ordered his services. However, after being treated to more kindness by Iris, Thistle ultimately agrees to help Iris, though he also determines they must sleep together to please Thistle's boss.

Relationships Edit

Iris Falco Edit

Thistle has a tense relationship with Iris. While being genuinely touched by the care and friendship Iris shows him, he also spends a good deal being angry at the man for Iris' less than thoughtful comments about his lifestyle. However, Thistle is intrigued enough by Iris to continually give him a chance and listen to him.

Dezar Valentine Edit

Thistle's relationship with Dezar is unknown. However, Thistle does acknowledge that he had heard of Dezar before.

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