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The News is the 10th chapter of Psychteria Volume 1. It debuted in December 2015.


Cali, Zage, and Krubby chill out and calm down from the fight. However, Cali decides to train Zage and Krubby, despite having some reservations about them sticking around.

Full Summary[]

Zage and Krubby depart from Sen to help Cali tend to her wounds. Inside, Cali flips through the TV channels and happens upon a news broadcast about the Three Great Cities Disaster. As she focuses on the news cast, she fails to hear Zage and his sudden call-out to her startles her. Cali scolds Zage for sneaking up on her while Zage tries to ask what she was watching. Cali dodges the question, and while skeptical Zage changes the subject and asks if he startled her. Brushing her frizzed hair down, Cali tries to deny this and asks Zage about him popping up behind her couch, causing Zage some discomfort at Cali claiming their shared property as hers.

Changing subject again, Zage asks about Krubby's whereabouts, only for Krubby to kick the door in announcing he has berries. Cali scolds Krubby for not knocking and for his choice. Krubby tries to deflect by mentioning he caught bugs as well, further disappointing Cali as she asks for real meat. Krubby rejects the notion of seeing more things die, and though he offers to share Cali promptly tells Krubby to share with Zage as Zage is a lizard. Zage claims he doesn't eat bugs to the remark, and Cali tells him to hunt using his powers. Flustered, Zage admits not to being able to control them.

Suddenly, Cali jumps off the couch and announces that she's going to show Zage and Krubby how to fight due to the unforgiving nature of the forest. Though still injured, Cali orders them to pay attention to what she's able to show them. As she trains Zage and Krubby, throwing Zage over her shoulder and punching Krubby in the ribs, Cali monologues to her mother about her newfound situation. However, she denotes that she's worried about the two finding out who she is and how it may render her self protections useless.

Outside, Sen is shown to be sleeping peacefully. However, a strange individual watches from a distance, reporting in that they located "the demon." Elsewhere in the forest, another individual happens upon the blood trail Cali left, causing said individual to smile deviously.