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The Fateful Meeting is the 1st chapter of The Hunter of Fenaur. It debuted in August 2016.


The hunter Iris Falco is tasked by the King of Fenaur to capture the immortal criminal Dezar. As Iris shops for supplies at Rose Village, though, he is distracted by someone in need.

Full Summary[]

Iris enters a large hallway, where he is escorted by a servant to the King of Fenaur. As Iris arrives in the King's rooms, the King ominously asks Iris if Iris will take responsibility for failing before turning around to face him. With Iris' confirmation, the two discuss Iris' skills some, though by and large the King expresses disinterest. At last, the King gets to the heart of the matter: he wants Iris to hunt down a dangerous criminal named Dezar, whose picture he gives Iris. Iris asks the King why he specifically was chosen for the mission, to which the King reveals Dezar is a shapeshifter. Iris vows to succeed in his mission and leaves to begin his journey.

A few days later, Iris is out riding when he passes by Rose Village. Deciding he should buy more weapons for his journey, Iris stops over to the busy village bazaar area. One shopkeeper attempts to tempt Iris into viewing his stall, but Iris brushes the advances off and asks where the weapons stall is. Surprisingly, the shopkeeper points Iris in the right direction, and Iris tips the shopkeeper before leaving. As Iris passes by an alley, he takes note of a mysterious man walking down it. Paying it no mind at first, however, he arrives at the weapons stall where he buys all the knives. Just as the shopkeeper offers to wrap up the knives, Iris hears a cry for help, to which he grabs some of the knives and prepares to save whoever needs help.