Telari, or the King of Fenaur, is a secondary character seen in The Hunter of Fenaur. He is the primary catalyst for starting Iris on his quest to hunt Dezar.

Appearance Edit

Telari is depicted as a child-like figure with blue skin. He has green eyes and long black hair that has a fluffy quality to it. He also has black fuzzy ears that blend in with his hair. Despite his regal status, his wardrobe consists of a simple gray shirt.

Personality Edit

Telari is shown to be somewhat serious and laid back. Though he shows a genuine sense of duty, he also has a remarkable disinterest in the world around him that can make him seem uncaring. He also possesses a somewhat fatalistic quality, addressing Iris might fail his mission upfront instead of offering words of encouragement.

Abilities Edit

Kingship Edit

As the King of Fenaur, Telari is presumably able to command people to a certain degree.

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Backstory Edit

Not much of Telari's backstory is known, though the timeline denotes he has been for 84 years by the start of The Hunter of Fenaur.

The Hunter of Fenaur Edit

In The Hunter of Fenaur, Telari is seen in an office like setting within a palace. After Iris enters, he dramatically swivels around and makes Iris aware of the stakes. After confirming Iris' sense of duty, he tells Iris crucial information about Dezar, and instructs Iris to capture Dezar as per his and the council's orders. As Iris leaves, he has a brief stare down with the man.

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Iris Falco Edit

Telari has a somewhat lukewarm acquaintanceship with Iris. Though he seems relatively disinterested in Iris' merits, he does trust Iris enough to give him the important task of finding Dezar.

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