Shoujara is a minor character who appears in the Chronicles of Fenaur. He currently resides in a coma, so not much is known about him.

Appearance Edit

Shoujara is depicted as a frail, light-skinned man with long black hair. He has some amount of lip color and black nails. Though not seen yet in comic, he is listed as having red eyes.

Personality Edit

Nothing is known yet currently about Shoujara's personality.

Abilities Edit

Nothing is known yet currently about Shoujara's abilities.

Comic Depictions Edit

Backstory Edit

According to Kopheru, a year before the beginning of the comic they found Shoujara. Shoujara has been in a coma ever since.

Chronicles of Fenaur Edit

Shoujara is seen briefly as Jamie and Kopheru pass by on the way to Kopheru's lab. Kopheru establishes Shoujara's origin to Jamie, and mentions Shoujara has had a difficult past.

Relationships Edit

Being in a coma, Shoujara has no real established relationships yet.

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