Saved by an Angel is the 4th chapter of Psychteria Volume 2 and the 14th chapter overall. It debuted in July 2016.

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Despite her best efforts, Cali is cornered and defeated by the mutants. However, an angel shows up to save her, though the mysterious angel's intentions may not be entirely benign.

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Cali bounces between the buildings, eventually landing in a dumpster. As she climbs out, she becomes distracted by a gravestone nearby. She approaches and comments in surprise they made a monument for the girl and comments it's been a few years since she saw the deceased girl Autumn. Before Cali can reminisce anymore, however, the talkative mutant lands from jumping down himself and demands that Cali stop running and that the game is over. In retaliation to being grabbed, Cali scratches the mutant's face, causing the mutant to call for Jax.

Jax appears behind Cali to her surprise. However, instead of striking Cali, he notices the gravestone and decides to slice the top off. Cali demands he stop, to which Jax smashes pieces into the ground. More enraged, Cali fights with herself to keep something from taking over. In her distraction, though, the talkative mutant grabs one of the knives in Cali's back, twists it, and then kicks her forward into the gravestone. The talkative mutant looks down on Cali, calling her pathetic despite being trained brutally in the past.

At her ropes end, Cali attempts to summon a ball of energy, but the mutant stomps on her hand to stop her. Grabbing a different knife, the mutant twists again, hurting Cali and causing her to punch him in defense. Frustrated at her resistance, the mutant decides to at last take a hard rock and bash Cali over the head in attempt to knock her out. However, Cali manages to resist, making Jax suggest they torture her. Cali manages to throw out one last insult before the talkative mutant slaps her, at last knocking her out. As Cali loses consciousness, the mutants wonder how they should move her, even considering cutting her up.

After blacking out for a while, Cali wakes up the arms of an angel. Confused, she attempts to ask who the angel is, but the angel merely replies that she should get more sleep. However, the angel adds that it's a shame Cali didn't die earlier. Confused and worried, Cali asks where the angel is taking her, and the angel replies to her house. Cali attempts to ask more questions, but the angel replies that her friends will soon know the truth rather ominously. Before Cali can counter, she passes out before arriving to the house.

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