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Rose Village is a town located on the planet of Fenaur. It is a major location where Iris meets Thistle in The Hunter of Fenaur.


Rose Village is depicted as a sizeable town built on a relatively flat plains area. Most of the buildings in the town are modest in size, most having only one floor. The entire town is surrounded by a wall, though the entrances shown so far possess no visible gate of any sort. A simple path marks the main walk area of the town, but plenty of room exists between the buildings for alleys to exist. The town is especially busy in the market area.


Rose Village has existed for much of Fenaur's history, being built about 100 years after Fenaur was made in 1941 CE. Little is known about most of its time of existence since then, however.

Notable Places[]

Rose Village Bar and Brothel[]

Rose Village Bar and Brothel is depicted as a sizeable building for prostitution services. Much of the floor space is empty in the main room, but a sizeable stage with dancer's poles rests towards the back center. The building also appears to possess a bar of some kind. Off from the main room rests a hall of doors to the individual worker bedrooms, which are fairly unremarkable save for the chests of sex toys.


The market area of Rose Village is a simple main pathway surrounded by wooden stalls. The stalls offer a wide variety of services, including weapons.

Comic Depiction[]

The Hunter of Fenaur[]

Rose Village has been a prominent location featured in The Hunter of Fenaur. It is first seen when Iris stops to resupply while passing by. Iris browses through the market, which is relatively busy, before being dragged into an alley to save Thistle. Rose Village is also seen again when Iris stops at Rose Village Bar and Brothel to see Thistle once again.

Notable Residents[]