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Reanimated is the 1st chapter of Psychteria Volume 3 and the 23rd chapter overall. It debuted in August 2018.


Zage, Krubby, and Sen face off against a newly risen but evil Cali. Evil Cali easily gains the upper hand on the shocked group, but the real Cali emerges on the scene ready to defend them.

Full Summary[]

In the morning, Krubby wakes up to find Zage flicking through the tv channels. Krubby asks if Zage was up all night, and Zage asks why it matters. Though Krubby attempts to scold him, Zage brushes Krubby off and says he's been struggling so Krubby should leave him alone. Irritated, Krubby continues to scold Zage for laying around depress and making Krubby mother both him and Zage. Zage shoots back that he didn't ask for Krubby to take care of him, before breaking down into tears over Cali's treatment despite saving his life and being not herself during the cities disaster. Suddenly, though, the two are interrupted by scratching at the door. Krubby and Zage hesitate, wondering who it is, beore Zage attempts to open the door.

Before Zage fully opens the door, the door is slammed open and Zage is sent flying back. As Zage and Krubby stare in shock, a still injured and dark looking Cali menacingly asks if they missed her. Zage attempts to ask if it's her, but Cali berates his confusion. Cali debates aloud whether to attack Zage or Krubby first, but settles on Krubby and lunges for him. Zage rushes forward in an attempt to protect Krubby, winding up with an injury to his arm. Cali gleefully comments on Zage wanting to play, while Zage mentally works over how Cali is alive but acting like a coherent version of her poison mode.

Hearing the commotion, Sen enters the room, only to freeze in shock at seeing Cali. Seeing Sen, Cali claims to remember and approaches him. With evil intent, she describes Sylina, how she ripped Sylina apart, and how she cried out for Sen to save her. Enraged at Cali's insults, Sen attempts to stab her, but Cali grabs him and deftly pulls his arm behind him. Cali twists Sen's wrist, threatening to break it in the face of his threats, while Krubby and Zage stare on trying to figure out what to do.

As Cali taunts Zage and Krubby with saving Sen, she suddenly lets go of Sen, feeling some sort of pressure. Gruesomely, two arms emerge from Cali's chest, and another Cali pops out of the chest to everyone's shock. The new, real Cali denotes she would've warned them about burying her close to the house if she'd had the time. Noticing Zage, Sen, and Krubby are staring, she scolds them, causing Zage to ask somewhat relieved if it was really her.