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New Roommate is the 2nd chapter of Psychteria Volume 1. It debuted in October 2014.


Cali and the man she saved, Zage, head to Cali's house, where Cali promptly takes a nightmare filled nap. She awakes to find furniture courtesy of Zage, but upon finding out about a hoard of mutants she heads out to hunt them.

Full Summary[]

Cali and the man she saved walk through the forest in silence for a while, when the man decides to break it and ask Cali for her name. Reluctantly, Cali introduces herself, causing the man to remark she is named after Cali the hero. Cali scoffs at the connection, though claims the hero was her grandmother. Undeterred, the man introduces himself as Zage, and tries to ask Cali more about herself and her aggressive attitude. Enraged, Cali asks why Zage expects her to spill her life story. However, upon seeing the hurt she is causing him, she simmers down, even more so after learning Zage hasn't talked to anyone in quite a while.

After arriving at Cali's house, Zage comments on how destitute the place is, having no furniture, food storage, or anything. Cali brushes his concerns off, commenting the forest has food and she makes do. Much to Zage's derision, Cali lays down to take a nap, and Zage ponders redecorating the place.

In her dreams, a smaller Cali is escorted by her mother to visit an unnamed girl . As Cali mocks her mother referring to the new girl as a princess, they arrive at their destination. However, Cali is greeted by an eerily smiling figure, causing her to panic and call out for her mother. Her mother, however, seemingly vanishes, and as Cali screams the area becomes surrounded with blood. Suddenly, a grotesque figure appears screaming for Cali's help, finally jarring Cali awake.

Startled by Cali's sudden consciousness, Zage asks after her well-being. However, Cali quickly becomes distracted by new furniture in the house. As she begins to scold Zage, Zage mentions setting up a bed for her since she looked uncomfortable on the floor. Moved and surprised by his kindness, Cali calms down and accepts the turn of events. Sitting down next to Zage, Cali puts on the television where a news report reveals a horde of mutants is surrounding New Rose City.

Excited over the prospect of hunting them, Cali zips up her coat and prepares her weapons to head out. Zage attempts to deter her, citing the danger, but Cali remarks she can take care of herself and leaves regardless. Zage hesitates momentarily, but eventually decides to chase after her hoping he can do something to protect her.