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Mutant Attack is the 8th chapter of Psychteria Volume 1. It debuted in August 2015.


The herd of mutants arrive and quickly surround the area just as Cali returns and makes amends with the group. Together, Cali, Sen, and Zage attempt to hold off the mutants against overwhelming odds.

Full Summary[]

Sen, Krubby, and Zage find themselves face to face with a herd of mutants. Sen advises Krubby and Zage to fight back if they can, but almost immediately has to slice a mutants head off to protect them. After scolding them a bit and kicking another mutant in the face, Sen focuses on his own fights. Krubby calls out for Zage to use his powers. Zage hesitates, worrying both over the electricity's strength and his ability to control it, but he ultimately manages to muster up enough to fire and take out a mutant himself. As Zage and Krubby stand there seeming impressed, though, a mutant attempts to sneak up behind them and lunges at Zage.

Before contact can be made, the lunging mutant is taken out by a shot to the head courtesy of Cali. Cali gently scolds Zage for not telling her she had powers. Zage remarks surprise she doesn't hate him, but Cali backhandedly apologizes saying she was stupid and to forget about the argument. Zage smiles happily, but Cali bashfully brings their attention back to killing the mutants.

As Sen punches out another mutant, Cali gets his attention and bickers with him over his safety. Both remark the other is more likely to get eaten and the fight begins to escalate. Panicked over their distraction and seeing a mutant sneaking up behind Cali, Zage fires some lightning at a mutant. Cali scolds Zage for potentially hitting her and punches out another sneaking mutant, irritating Zage somewhat.

However, at this point the group realizes they're surrounded. Thinking quickly, Cali orders the others to duck and fires a quick barrage of bullets killing many of the horde. The action frightens Krubby, who ponders if he should go inside and stay out of the way. Meanwhile, Sen seems somewhat impressed that despite injuries Cali managed to kill so many. While another argument begins, Zage finds his lone self surrounded. Summoning his electricity once again, Zage manages to take out several. One mutant manages to escape, though, and lunges to bite Zage. Before the mutant makes contact, Cali pushes the mutant out of the way and takes the hit for him.