Mourning is the 12th chapter of Psychteria Volume 2 and the 22nd chapter overall. It debuted in June 2018.

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Zage, Sen, and Krubby bury Cali, though not without Sen's attitude causing some issues.

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At Cali's hide-out, Zage, Sen, and Krubby look down at Cali's body in the hole they dug. Zage wishes Cali's soul a peaceful afterlife, but Sen interrupts by asking why they're burying the scythe with Cali. Zage asks why Sen is against it, and Sen pragmatically points out it's a weapon they could use. Irritated, Zage says it's her scythe, and despite Sen's protests that she's dead Zage insists it stay with her because she might need it. Sen once again reiterates Cali is dead, and fed up with Sen's attitude, Zage punches him in the face.

Sen comments how he's not wanted, while Zage angrily tells Sen to do something useful instead of complain if Sen does want to stay. Krubby tries to break up the fight, but Sen angrily heads out to hunt down some food for them. Saddened for a moment, Krubby tells Zage he's going to find a pretty stone to use for a tombstone, while Zage buries Cali. Upon finishing his task, Zage promises Cali to take care of the house and heads inside. Unbeknown to him, though, with Cali's body a glow from a jewel inside her begins to fill the space.

Nearby, two mysterious girls watch the place. One comments how they found "the disgusting mistakes" place. The wavy haired girl asks if they should approach, but the other girl decides they should wait for a better opportunity and claims their dad would be proud of them.

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