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Monster is the 4th chapter of Psychteria Volume 1. It debuted in February 2015.


A monstrous Cali sends Zage fleeing where he bumps into Krubby. After Zage knocks some mutants out, a saner but injured Cali rejoins the group and Zage and Krubby carry her back to her house.

Full Summary[]

Before an axe can strike Zage, the murderous mutant stops its swing and turns its attention to Cali. Both stare as Cali rises, growls, has her eyes turn red, and has her teeth become sharp. As her transformation completes, Cali tells Zage to run away. In shock, Zage remains and watches Cali turn to laughing. Cali flips over the mutant and continues to laugh as she inevitably picks it up and rips it apart. As she begins to chow down on the mutant, Zage finally flees though not without Cali noticing.

Panicking over Cali's change into a monster, Zage runs through the forest unthinkingly when he suddenly crashes head first into a young Froggra. Seeing the blood on Zage, the Froggra boy asks if Zage is okay, and Zage vaguely explains the blood isn't his but refuses to go into detail. The boy insists that Zage is safe with him as the boy hadn't seen any mutants around. The two chat for a bit, the boy introducing himself as Krubby.

Suddenly, a rustle in the bushes drags Zage's attention away. Zage instructs Krubby behind him, fearing mutants are around. Much to his fear, a mutant pops out. Gathering his strength and determination, Zage suddenly gathers lightning into his hand and shoots it at the mutant. The mutant lays incapacitated, and Krubby marvels over Zage's power. Krubby expresses his own lack of skill and mentions only being good with medical related stuff.

However, another rustle from the bushes draws their attention away. This time, though, a saner and very injured Cali appears, remarking her regeneration isn't working. Cali notices Zage and comments on his safety, but winds up passing out and collapsing in front of the two. Krubby rushes to Cali's side, begging Zage to help him. Zage hesitates, remembering her previous actions and scary eyes. Eventually, though, he attaches himself to the idea that Cali saved him. Rushing over and picking Cali up, Zage hurries Krubby to follow him and the two take off running to safety.