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Misc. Characters contains a list of minor characters in Chronicles of Fenaur, The Hunter of Fenaur, and Psychteria whose overall relevance to the plot is unknown or whose appearances insofar are non-significant.


Darkmoon's hands from Jamie's perspective.

Appears in: Chronicles of Fenaur

Darkmoon is an entity mentioned to be Jamie's past life on Fenaur. She supposedly had a variety of powers, enhanced strength being the most known. Darkmoon is seen briefly in a flashback Jamie has on those memories.


Darzak as he appears in Ginley's explanation.

Appears in: Chronicles of Fenaur

Darzak is a guardian assigned to Darkmoon in order to protect her. As Darkmoon's future incarnation, Jamie has now inherited the power to summon him.

Mysterious Man[]

The only clear shot of the mysterious man.

Appears in: The Hunter of Fenaur

The mysterious man is a light haired individual who appears to glare at Thistle and Iris as the two enter the Goldenrott Blue Diner. His significance is not currently known.

Thistle's Boss[]

The boss as Thistle pleads desperately.

Appears in: The Hunter of Fenaur

Thistle's boss is shown briefly in the comic. Who he is or why Thistle is afraid of him is yet to be revealed.

Cali's Mom[]

Cali's mom in Cali's dream sequence.

Appears in: Psychteria

Cali's mom is seen briefly in Cali's dream sequence. Cali briefly mentions earlier avenging her death as being the reason she continues on in life. In the dream sequence itself, her mom is shown taking her to visit someone, but who the person is is unknown.