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Living Together is the 9th chapter of Psychteria Volume 1. It debuted in October 2015.


Cali and Zage take out the mutants with an epic lightning attack. With the danger gone, Cali is convinced to let Sen stay, though she demands he sleep outside.

Full Summary[]

Cali kicks the attacking mutant away and leans on Zage for support. While Zage and Sen both scold her, Cali takes notice that the mutant horde isn't depleting very quickly. After a moment, Cali summons her scythe and asks if Zage could charge his power into it. Zage agrees to try and together the two point the scythe at the mutants. The attack works and a large bolt of lightning shoots out, barely missing Sen and taking out the mutants in the process.

For a moment, everyone stares in shock it worked, but Cali quickly hunches over coughing up blood from all the exerted energy. Sen approaches Cali and asks if she's still mad at him, to which Cali says yes and that he should "drop dead." Sen argues that he protected Zage and Krubby, while Cali counters that it's his fault they were in danger in the first place. Baffled Sen asks what her problem with is, and Cali merely implies it is his peeping.

Krubby soon comes by, however, and gently asks Cali to let Sen stay since Sen is also homeless. Reluctantly Cali agrees, though commands he sleeps outside due to his creepiness. Sen points out Cali's eyes are creepy to him, to which Cali calls her eyes normal, though she laughs at referring to being born with them. As Cali continues to rage, she begins to cough and has to stop, though. Sen takes the moment of silence to accuse Cali of living in the woods because her eyes scare people away, and Cali tells Sen it's none of his business why she lives in the woods. Done with the argument, Cali wobbles back to the house and slams the door.

With Cali gone, Krubby whispers to Zage that maybe it's for the best Sen sleep outside. Sen comments he can hear them, making Krubby a bit flustered. Unperturbed, though, Sen says he's used to sleeping outside, and Krubby mentions that Sen can ask them if he needs anything.