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Krubby Tajpoel, or just Krubby, is a main character of Psychteria and one of the youths who winds up living with Cali Nightstone. He serves as the medic for Cali's group, although he is frequently known to make poison meals on accident.


Krubby is portrayed as an anthropomorphized frog. He possesses a relatively skinny build, especially compared to the others in Cali's group. He has no hair, gray eyes, and freckles on his cheeks. His trademark facial appearance, however, is his large glasses that take up a good portion of his face. His usual outfit consists of a white, polo-like shirt, gray shorts, long black socks, and dark-colored shoes. However, in Vol 2; Chapter 10: Violet Assassin Krubby is depicted wearing Cali's coat for a short time.


Krubby's defining personality trait is optimism. Even when making poisonous food, Krubby has an upbeat response and is always willing to try again. Additionally, he has a huge tendency to want to help, seen when first he is first introduced in the comic and meets Zage. However, this desire to help others often backfires in Cali's group, as Krubby often winds up the middle man having to go between everyone to keep the peace (or try to).

When it comes to battle and death, Krubby is shown to be somewhat squeamish and inexperienced. Despite this, Krubby's willingness to help often seems to outweigh any cowardice he might feel.


Medical Knowledge[]

Krubby is shown to possess some medical knowledge, as he becomes the main go-to when it comes to patching Cali's wounds.

Comic Depictions[]


Of Cali's group, Krubby is the most secretive about his backstory. However, given his inability to identify berries very well and his lack of battle experience, it is clear Krubby has been taught very little in ways of survival.



Cali Nightstone[]


Sen Katens[]


  • Of the main four of Psychteria, Krubby is the youngest at 16.