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Kinna is a minor character who appears in Chronicles of Fenaur. She is the primary source for getting Jamie to Fenaur and providing Jamie with the necessary tools to survive.


Kinna is depicted as a tall and slender dinosaur like alien. She has a long slender neck and long face which tapers at the tip. Upon her forehead she has an orb with small four circles surrounding it, with the center orb possessing a crescent moon shape. She has long white hair and thin black eyes. Outfit wise she has a long, robe-like ensemble with an ornamental jewel in the center top of her chest.


Kinna is depicted as a gentle spirit. While she can be rather matter of fact and business oriented, she is more than willing to stop and offer words of comfort. She is also the type to hold her tongue rather than say anything cruel or despair ridden. She also carries herself in a rather wise manor. That being said, she is shown to have a level of disconnect, as at least with Jamie she fails to explain every necessary detail.


Kinna has shown no abilities thus far, but it can be presumed she possesses some due to her ancient nature and connection to Fenaur.

Comic Depictions[]


Kinna is one of the four original spirits created by Emuna along with Fenaur. Some 22 years after her creation, she was appointed to watch over the denizens of Fenaur.

Chronicles of Fenaur[]

Kinna is first seen in the comic after Jamie emerges to see her destroyed neighborhood. After assuring Jamie she means no harm, Kinna explains to Jamie that her parents were taken to Fenaur and that Jamie must go there if she wants to save them. She also supplies Jamie with an orb to summon a guardian named Darzak and a suit. As Jamie freaks out and questions why all this is happening, Kinna explains Jamie lived on Fenaur as Darkmoon in the past, and that Jamie is Fenaur's hope. She offers Jamie a few more words of comfort before ushering Jamie to a ship that will take Jamie to Fenaur. After watching Jamie dawn the suit, she watches Jamie take off hoping for the best.

Later on, Kinna is briefly mentioned by Leyza saying Kinna didn't explain everything to Jamie.


Jamie De Luna[]

Kinna has a trusting relationship with Jamie. She seems to believe wholeheartedly in Jamie being Fenaur's hope and puts a lot of trust in Jamie's abilities to succeed. However, she also expects a lot of Jamie, though she is willing to comfort Jamie when this becomes an issue before Jamie leaves.