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Interrogation is the 6th chapter of Psychteria Volume 1. It debuted in May 2015.


Cali and the mysterious boy physically scuffle until Zage and Krubby appear and break up the fight. As the boy explains he is a passerby hunting for a murderer, Cali becomes more suspicious and nervous of him however.

Full Summary[]

Cali grabs and punches the mysterious boy in the face, demanding that he stop lying about the reason for his presence. The boy reiterates he was merely passing by and laments that he doesn't want to fight an injured person. As Cali continues to push the issue, however, the boy retaliates and punches her hard, knocking her to the ground.

Fed up, the boy advises Cali to back off, but Cali charges in anger unsatisfied with the lack of answers. Reluctantly, the boy punches Cali in the ribs hard enough to cause her to cough up blood. Before she falls, though, Cali grabs the boy's poncho and pulls herself to headbutt him, sending the boy back some. However, the boy remains steady and sweeps Cali's legs out from under her, sending her to the ground. The boy threatens Cali with some katars to let him pass, but Cali summons shadow arms to send the boy flying away.

Before the fight can continue, Zage and Krubby come out of the house and ask what's going on. Cali points accusingly at the boy, telling the duo he was spying her. However, the outburst causes her to cease her argument as she coughs up blood, causing Zage to rush to her concerned and asking what happened again. The boy manages to cut in and explain he was merely passing by. Though Krubby points out it's strange the boy is in the forest, the boy points out there's bodies nearby and a trail of blood that leads straight to Cali's home. However, he further explains that he is hunting for someone who killed someone dear to him, thus he's searching everywhere regardless.

Feeling vindicated, Cali accuses him once again of holding back the truth, but every other presence becomes frustrated with her shenanigans. Zage attempts to calm down, but she refuses to acknowledge he isn't a threat. In her mind, Cali worries over who the boy is hunting for, how he's trained, and how his eyes reflect a lot of unresolved feelings. Feeling the weight of the threat, Cali approaches the boy and says he's not getting off easily. However, the boy turns the argument around and asks if Cali is the one hiding something, which Cali brushes off as not his business.