Goldenrott City is one of the three great cities on Fenaur between 2004 CE and 2083 CE. The city makes an appearance in The Hunter of Fenaur, but as of Psychteria, the city lies completely destroyed.

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In The Hunter of Fenaur, Goldrenrott City is shown to be an average city, possessing tall buildings and small buildings. Not much of the city's layout or structure is seen, however. Of the three great cities, it is the closest one to Rose Village.

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Goldenrott City was built in 2004 CE as one the three great cities to protect the populace from the negative effects of the Dark Apocalypse. It can be assumed life in the city was generally peaceful and the citizens lived happily. However, in 2083 CE (before the events of Psychteria), the city is completely annihilated by "a monster."

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Goldenrott Blue Diner Edit

Goldenrott Blue Diner is an expensive restaurant located in between a busy area with tall buildings. Known items served are Pansket and Strawberry Cake. It is also a frequent establishment of Iris Falco.

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Before the city's destruction, Iris Falco possessed a home in Goldenrott, which is depicted as somewhat ritzy for what is generally seen for residences on Fenaur.

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The Hunter of Fenaur Edit

Goldenrott City is featured twice in The Hunter of Fenaur. The first time it is seen is during Iris and Thistle's date, where the two go to the Goldenrott Blue Diner. It is also briefly seen when Iris orders Thistle's services, though the view remains strictly in Iris' home.

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