The Fenaur Warriors Base is the headquarters from which the Fenaur Warriors work out of. It is a primary location featured in the Chronicles of Fenaur.

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Exterior wise, the base is shown to be a modest but somewhat large building. The material appears to be made out of a smooth material with little texture on it. Numerous round windows can be seen, and the main front doorway featured a curved top. On the main center building, a dome shape protrudes at the center, while a thin flag also stands proudly.

The interior is shown to be fairly barren in regards to decoration and furniture, featuring mostly simple beds and tables at best. There is a rounded, common room area where several doors are shown to connect. The room's more prominent feature is the dining area (capable of fitting all the Fenaur Warriors) and the floor emblem emblazoned on the floor.

The base also houses Kopheru's labs, however, which are less sparse than the rest of the base. There are several rooms and hallways, some featuring medical equipment, others featuring exercise machines, and Kai's room in particular having several gizmos and gadgets about.

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The Fenaur Warriors were founded in 1995 CE. As such, it can be assumed the base was built somewhere around this time. In 2035 CE, it becomes a residence for Jamie De Luna, the protagonist of the Chronicles of Fenaur.

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Chronicles of Fenaur Edit

After Jamie arrives on Fenaur and is saved by the Fenaur Warriors, the group return the Fenaur Warriors Base and stay for an extended time. The exterior is shown for a brief moment as an establishing shot, before Jamie's room is shown for a few moments as well. A bit later, the Fenaur Warriors and Jamie gather in the common room for dinner, where an elaborate feast is depicted on the table.

After dinner finishes and Jamie gathers her determination, Tai's room is shown, followed by an extensive view of Kopheru's labs which consist of several different components including but not limited to: a medical room where Shoujara is staying, an exercise-like room with a treadmill, and Kai's room where he remains in a human sized tank.

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