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The Fenaur Warriors in 1995.

The Fenaur Warriors, or The Fenaur Warriors, are a group of fighters dedicated to protecting the people of Fenaur. They are a main focus of the Chronicles of Fenaur.


The Fenaur Warriors were founded in 1995 CE, with their goal being to protect the populace after the Dark Apocalypse, the appearance of hell, and numerous other things begin threatening the lives of every species. However, a rival group known as the Shadow Soldiers formed 2 years later.

Whatever occurred between the groups, it eventually led to two great wars: one in 2007 CE and one in 2011 CE. In 2012 CE, the Shadow Soldiers disbanded, however, leaving the Fenaur Warriors free to protect the populace in peace.

In 2034 CE, the current members of the Fenaur Warriors took in a mysterious individual who is seen still in a coma when Chronicles of Fenaur begins one year later. Additionally, the beginning of the Chronicles of Fenaur saw the joining of Jamie, an Earthian whose past life was Darkmoon, an ally of the Fenaur Warriors.

Known Members[]