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Fenaur is the name title planet for FenaurIverse in which all the stories take place. As of Psychteria, the planet is 253 years old.


Fenaur is a multi-species planet, though not all species are well-dispersed in certain areas. While the planet was flourishing long ago, 60% of the current land mass is depicted as a gray, sterile desert. The population on the planet remains fairly scattered, with only a few towns and cities housing sizeable populations. The planet is often depicted in with red skies as well.


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Fenaur was created by the mysterious figure Emuna in 1833 CE. However, it was not until 1850 CE that the first sentient species was created. By 1859 CE, the Decybas, a predominant species, began to split into clans. However, as the Nightstone Clan rose in power and became dangerous, others began to fear the Decybas as a whole. This ultimately led to a small war between the Nightstone Clan and the other Decybas clans in 1900 CE. Additionally, the Nightstone Clan warred against a Retshifa Clan, the Valentine Clan, in 1918 CE, as the Valentines swore to protect Fenaur.

By 1940 CE, Superhumans became the predominant species on the planet, and villages began to form towns soon after. Earth also made contact with the planet in 1946 CE, and by 1965 CE humans (Earthians) began moving to Fenaur. Everything changed in 1985 CE, however, when a giant quake ravaged the entire planet, causing 60% of the land to become nothing more than gray sand (ultimately becoming known as the Dark Apocalypse). Not long after in 1992 CE, the sanctuary for souls became corrupted and became no more than a hellish underworld named Hell.

With danger rising, a group known as the Fenaur Warriors formed in 1995 CE in order to challenge the dangers and protect the people. However, an opposing organization known as the Shadow Soldiers formed as well, and the two fought against each other until 2012 CE. Another change that rose from the Dark Apocalypse was the formation of the three great cities in 2004 CE: Rose City, Goldenrott City, and Luna Creek City. Despite this, relations with Earth continued to sour with Earth natives being in danger, and trade between Earth and Fenaur ceased in 2023 CE.

Though the planet began to recover some, everything was turned upside on its head in 2083 CE when the three great cities were annihilated, with New Rose City forming a year later to serve as the last city sanctuary for the populace.

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