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Earth is the alternate history version of our Earth that exists in FenaurIverse stories. It is where Jamie De Luna hails from, as well as other Earthians on Fenaur.


Earth appears exactly as our Earth, with differences only in the general course of history regarding alien contact. The predominant species on Earth is humans (known as Earthians to those on Fenaur). For the most part, everything looks exactly as one would expect, possessing suburban houses, skyscrapers, and other modern features.


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Earth was created 4.5 billion years ago, with life following as early as 4.1 billion years ago. Species of humans, however, did not arise until some 2 million years ago. Humans spent much of their time as hunters and gathers, until their ability to use tools led them to agriculture. From there, society rose up and passed through the ages, evolving technological wise (until it arrived to be what we know today).

In the FenaurIverse canon, Fenaur and Earth established contact in 1946 CE, with some humans being sent to live on Fenaur starting in 1965 CE. Peace reigned until the Dark Apocalypse occurred which devastated the landscape and made Fenaur dangerous for all inhabitants, including Earthians. Though relations remained amicable, the worsening conditions of Fenaur left some tension.

By 2017 CE, Fenaur and Earth began to trade technology. However, due to worsening conditions not improving, the trade agreement was cancelled in 2023 CE. At this point, technological research on Earth vastly halted.

Notable Places[]

  • Jamie's neighborhood and home (before being destroyed)

Notable Residents[]