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Dezar Valentine, or just Dezar, is a major antagonist of the Chronicles of Fenaur, The Hunter of Fenaur, and Psychteria.


Dezar is depicted as a medium build man with light skin. He has blue eyes and short blond hair. His most notable feature are his facial markings: two black triangle like tears coming down from his eyes. His typical outfit consists of black boots, black pants, black bracelet-like accessories, and a black shirt. He also has a red poncho he wears over his shirt. Lastly, he is frequently shown wearing black nails.




According to the King of Fenaur, Dezar is unable to be killed.

Comic Depictions[]


Chronicles of Fenaur[]

Dezar is first seen in Chronicles of Fenaur intensely watching Jamie. After mouthing, "I found her," Dezar pulls out a strange device and presses a button. Dezar then disappears among the bright light as Jamie's neighborhood seemingly begins to disintegrate.

Dezar is seen briefly on being yelled at by his hostages. He ominously tells them that if things go right they'll be fine, but if things go wrong, not all the hostages will survive. He leaves off thinking how Jamie will come eventually.

The Hunter of Fenaur[]

In The Hunter of Fenaur, he is first seen via a photograph Iris is given by the King of Fenaur when Iris is tasked with hunting him. Iris pulls this picture out several times more, but Dezar has otherwise not made a physical appearance as of yet.



Jamie De Luna[]

Dezar has an antagonistic relationship with Jamie. Although he does not seem to have a personal grudge, he none-the-less recognizes her as the enemy he must take care of.

Iris Falco[]