Chronicles of Fenaur is an action, fantasy webcomic by CalimonGraal that focuses on Jamie, an Earth girl whisked away to Fenaur in order to fulfill a mysterious destiny.

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A girl named Jamie lives an average life with her parents, when a mysterious man names Dezar arrives and destroys her neighborhood. By hiding in a basement, Jamie manages to live through the ordeal. However, upon emerging into the disaster zone, she is greeted by a mysterious alien who tells her that in order to save her parents who have been kidnapped, she must go to a planet called Fenaur. However, her quest is not one undertaken alone, and Jamie is joined by the Fenaur Warriors who seem to have a confusing past history with her previous incarnation, Darkmoon.

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Volume Chapters Dates
Volume 1 A Hero Reborn
  1. A Hero Reborn
  1. March 2016 - Present

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  • Chronicles of Fenaur were originally published in StArt Faire magazine as an exclusive comic.

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