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Cali Nightstone, or Cali, is the protagonist of Psychteria (and therefore the leader of the group).


Cali is depicted as a short, child-like girl. She has long, knee-length black hair. In disguise form, her skin in peach and her eyes are completely black with white irises and pupils. In her normal form, her skin is pure white and she has red eyes. Her outfit is fairly simple, consisting of black, closed-toed shoes, black pants, a long sleeve, black shirt, and a long black coat that can manifest a hood with Cali's shadow abilities.


Cali is both mistrustful and loud. She is blunt in how she expresses herself, and is particularly harsh with her words towards strangers. Due to her mistrustful tendencies, she has a habit of assuming the worst of those she meets. Additionally, she is very guarded in both her past and current situation because of this mistrust.

However, Cali also shows intense care for others, worrying often about Zage and Krubby despite knowing them for so little time. In addition, she is not above showing remorse for her behavior.



Cali uses guns fairly often as one of her signature weapons.


Though less frequently seen, Cali also shows finesse with a scythe that she can summon.

Shadow Control[]

Cali has shown the ability to control shadows. The skill seems to range from mundane matters, like summoning a hood, to more combat useful skills such as using shadow arms to disable her opponent.

Poison Mode[]

Though arguably not an ability because of Cali's lack of control over it, Cali is able to enter into a trance-like mode. Her physical appearance changes, particularly around her eyes, and she has enhanced speed and strength. She is rather unstoppable when in this mode, but she has little control over it and becomes little more than a savage beast.

It was revealed in Volume 2 - Ch 11 that this mode is referred to as the "Poison Mode".

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