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New Roommate is the 3rd chapter of Psychteria Volume 1. It debuted in December 2014.


Cali finds the mutant horde and begins her attack. However, between a mental breakdown and letting down her guard, Cali is taken down and wounded, leaving a newly arrived Zage to his fate.

Full Summary[]

Cali runs and leaps through Eventide forest, eventually hiding in a tree as she locates the vast horde of mutants. For a moment, she ponders why the mutants are mostly standing around, but when one spots her she shoots it in the head and brings their attention to her. Jumping down from the tree, she quickly fells several more mutants with head shots as well before yelling out a threat against them.

Excited about the fight, Cali begins to fire off more shots. However, a single mutant sneaks up behind her and bites her arm, angering her as she knees them off of her. Commenting on the pain only briefly, Cali magically combines her guns into her Gunscythe. She makes quick work of the mutants, slashing through many and laughing the whole time.

Panting in exhaustion, Cali notices how much blood is covering her and comments on the stains and how she might make Zage wash her outfit. Suddenly, however, Cali begins to freak out seeing the blood, seeing visions and collapsing to her knees. As she's temporarily incapacitated, a mutant sneaks up behind her and bites her in the shoulder. Back to awareness, Cali desperately crawls to the Gunscythe as the mutant attempts to eat her, eventually making it and killing the mutant. As Cali ponders what happened, she becomes aware of more mutants in the forest. Despite only being able to use one arm for the moment, she begins shooting what mutants she can defiantly.

In the meantime, Zage runs through the forest, worrying over Cali's safety and refusing to lose another person. As he trips over a rock, he raises his head to notice the vast amounts of mutant bodies around him. Cali appears and scolds him, but as Zage attempts to reply he notices her injuries and fusses over her. Zage insists they head back to patch her wounds, but a mutant sneaks up behind the duo. Before Zage can sound the alarm, the mutant chops Cali in her side, sending her spiraling to the ground. Zage backs away slowly, fearing the end as the mutant approaches him and raises an axe to strike Zage down as well.