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Abandoned is the 7th chapter of Psychteria Volume 1. It debuted in July 2015.


An argument regarding the mysterious boy ensues, resulting in Cali kicking Zage and Krubby out. As the separate groups mull over the situation, Cali realizes mutants are approaching the house.

Full Summary[]

Cali continues to confront the boy, remarking he can't leave in case he reveals to others where she lives. However, a frustrated Zage interrupts Cali and calls her out for her generally grumpy attitude. Offended, Cali points out she's let him and Krubby both stay and that by siding with the boy he's acting ungrateful. She continues her rant for some time, adding she only took them in because they looked pathetic to her and that she's trying to protect her home. At last, Cali heads inside, telling none of them are allowed to come back in. A saddened Zage watches in shock, but Krubby intervenes and proposes they start a fire.

Sometime later the three boys sit around a fire, and the mysterious white-haired boy proposes they introduce themselves. The introductions go around, with the boy introducing himself as Sen, but he remarks that Zage isn't very talkative. Zage shoots back that he's in shock over the argument and worries he offended the person who saved his life. Krubby attempts to cheer Zage up while Sen brushes his worries aside, finding Cali entirely unpleasant, though Sen adds an apology for the trouble. Curious suddenly, Krubby asks about the person Sen is looking for, and Sen reveals someone killed his little sister and he is out to avenge her.

Back in Cali's house, Cali lays on the couch mulling over the argument and wondering how Zage and Krubby could side with Sen. As the idea of Sen killing them enters her mind, she becomes suddenly concerned at both of their abilities to survive outside or with Sen. Suddenly, Cali smells mutants heading towards the house quickly. As she goes to her coat and weapons, she notes that Krubby and Zage took good care of her stuff. However, she re-focuses herself on the situation at hand and prepares to head out.