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A Friendship Blossoms? is the 2nd chapter of The Hunter of Fenaur. It debuted in November 2016.


Iris Falco saves the mysterious streetwalker, Thistle, from a potential client. Finding Thistle intriguing, Iris asks Thistle out to dinner, where the two meet up later.

Full Summary[]

Iris runs into the alley to intervene and finds the mystery man he saw from earlier being attacked. After some brief words, Iris quickly throws a knife, which embeds itself in the attacker's head and kills him. The mystery man angrily claims he had it under control, much to Iris' doubt. After realizing the mystery man is a streetwalker, Iris attempts to loan the man money, only to be yelled at further by the mystery man. However, Iris is able to convince the mystery man to take the money, and notes that the mystery man is somehow both fake and genuine.

Boldly, Iris asks the mystery man to dinner, clarifying it's as friends and he thought the mystery man could use one. After a surprised reaction, the mystery man agrees to go. Iris arranges for the two to meet at the Goldenrott Blue Diner later, and as the mystery man leaves he glances at his picture of Dezar.

Later on, the mystery man and Iris meet, Iris commenting on how he was surprised the mystery man showed up. As the two enter the restaurant making small talk, a mysterious figure from the distance watches. However, the two make it into the restaurant, where Iris at last learns the mystery man's name: Thistle.